Monthly addition to portfolio

I have done the market analysis and found 5 candidates that deserves to be added to the portfolio, namely


  1. Orexo (13.0%, 58.8%)
  2. Tethys Oil (49.3%, 20.7%)
  3. Nordic entertainment group (10.1%, 45.7%)
  4. Ferronordic (16.0%, 31.2%)
  5. Neles (17.3%, 17.5%)

These five companies represent both value for money (high EBIT/EV quotient), meaning they are traded at a discount at the moment, and quality (Return on invested capital; ROIC), i.e. they show that they can return a good profit on invested capital. Three of theese companies are Stockholm Mid Cap, one Large Cap and one Helsinki Large Cap. Will be interesting to follow these over the next year to see how they perform over the next year.

On the other end I sold my entire post EQT cashing in 42% increase. I think this company is overbought at the moment (EBIT/EV 1.1%) but I will problably buy again at the next dip. Castellum and SKF B went under the club, freeing up some funds for new investments


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