I stumbled over Aiisa, an AI driven app that provide trading advice in what is basically a swing trading scheme. Each night Aiisa analyses the stock market and based on the analysis gives an advice for each stock, either buy, hold or sell.

If the AI belive that a short-term bottom is imminent a buy advice is given, and vice versa. The company claims on their homepage that over the last year Aiisa managed to achieve a 77% yield which of course is fantastic if true.

The whole idea is that you buy and sell depending on the advice you get from Aiisa each, and it is worth noting that it is up to you to buy low and sell high, as intra-day movements are not analysed.

I decided to try it out for one month, and after a couple of days the outcome is less than impressive I’d say and so far the numbers are all red, but to be fair it is not meaningful to assess any strategy after only a couple of days, so I will hold off my judgement.

The cost for Aiisa is 99 SEK/month, but they have a 30 day free trial. Apart from the Aiisa app you will need a trading account. Personally I use Avanza which offer commission-free trading as long as your account worth is below 50k SEK.

I will check it out and then let you know if it is any good. And no, I am not paid by Aiisa for writing this post. However, if you chose to click the above link and sign up with Avanza I will get some change in return. I can be upfront with that, because Avanza is really an awsome platform.

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